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Selected Few Projects In Past Year

Econometric Forecasts and Analytics


  • Recruited over hundred thousand users from US,India, UK, US, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Chile, Uganda and Kenya   to participate in experimental survey conducted by Center for Experimental Social Science, Oxford. Recruitment was done via a number of methods including social media ads. Specific audience targeting and unique combination of ad campaign was used in order to get the right population distribution and low cost per lead.

  • Built comprehensive list of employers in bio economy sector in Canada and segmented into subsector using Azure machine learning algorithm.

  • Canadian employment forecast for supply chain sector segmented by Occupation/Industry and Geography(Province/CMA). Online BI tool is hosted in this location.

  • Canadian employment forecast segmented by Province/CMA/Industry and Occupation. This project involved modeling cross sectional view of industry and occupation at Province/CMA level which is typically not available from national statistical sources.

  • CVA Analytics/VC Global holds licence for Postal Code Conversion File.The Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF) is a digital file which provides a correspondence between the Canada Post Corporation (CPC) six-character postal code and Statistics Canada's standard geographic areas for which census data and other statistics are produced. Through the link between postal codes and standard geographic areas, the PCCF permits the integration of data from various sources.

  • Economic and fiscal impact analysis for a manufacturing plant proposed to build in California. This involved detailed analysis for the client’s plans for developing an old industrial property and the economic impact it would have on the value added to GDP and total jobs it would create in region. It also involved tax revenue analysis at the city, county and state levels.

  • Economic model for projecting growth in GDP and Employment for next 10 years, segmented by NAICS industry. Performed cluster analysis on high growth sectors in a multiple US and Canadian cities and made strategic suggestions in areas where the city is not competing well.

  • Designed and implemented an Economic Decision Tool.  The tool uses input-output multipliers to help EDO's(economic development organization) estimate the economic impact on firms interested in moving to the city. EDO's can evaluate the economic benefits of different opportunities and prioritize attraction of investments that will bring the greatest impact to the city economy.


Strategic Market Assessment


  • Market Segmentation: This project involved estimating total addressable market for specific market areas segmented by country, industry and business size. Five year forecast was also developed based on econometric models.

  • Primary market research: Survey was designed and implemented to collect data on specific sub-market which are not covered by large vendors. This involved surveying three thousand IT managers from 26 countries to estimate the size and growth opportunity for specific sub markets.

Software Development


  • Built and maintain web based conference and user management system for a European Political Science Association. Conference is held every year with over thousand attendees.

  • Online experiment development for a major UK college of economics.  This online experiment is highly adaptive in nature and tries to understand the behavior of each respondent in different scenarios. This helps researchers understand how people view and interpret the political process and how they make political decisions. 

  • Online view/reporting metrics tool and database. Developed and hosted an online web tool which provides an easy way to view/report metrics from a highly optimized multi-million row database.  The database describes detailed characteristics of knowledge workers in the labor force of over 100 countries.  The online tool provides clients with unparalleled insight into the characteristics of knowledge workers and easier way to drill down to various details like region/industry/occupation and business size.

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