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Business Analytics,

Strategic Marketing, & Macro-economics


CVA Analytics offers a wide variety of services that support every phase of business development. The market areas that we specialize in include:


  • AI/Local Language Models 

  • Macroeconomic Forecasts.

  • Labor Force Analytics

  • Market Sizing, Forecasting and Market Share Analysis

  • Market Segmentation by Vertical and Business Size

  • Economic Impact Analysis

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Software Development

  • IT/Process optimization.




CVA Analytics is a business analytics firm head quartered in Seattle and specializes in macroeconomic forecasts, business analytics, geographic market analysis, supply and demand models, and application of econometric forecasting techniques to facilitate strategic planning.


CVA associates are primarily data scientists who specialize in macroeconomics and use custom analytics to help businesses find solutions to wide variety of problems





CVA Analytics offers services in these areas


  • AI/Local language models

  • Global Macro economic forecasts segmented by Geography, Industry and Size

  • Labor force segmented by Geography, Industry, occupation and size.

  • Custom big data analytics

  • BI reporting and dashboards.

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Software Development/IT services.




CVA Analytics has consulted with clients across the most important sectors of today’s economy:


  • Educational Institutions

  • Environmental sector

  • Telecommunications

  • Economic Development Organizations

  • Internet and Technology

  • IT Services

  • Manufacturing 

  • Professional Services



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