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CVA Analytics is a business analytics firm head quartered in Seattle, WA and specializes in macroeconomic forecasts, business analytics, geographic market analysis, supply and demand models, and application of econometric forecasting techniques to facilitate strategic planning. CVA associates are primarily data scientists who specialize in macroeconomics and use custom analytics to help businesses find solutions to wide variety of problems. Projects have ranged from  IT services  and project management for SMB's and all the way to macroeconomic forecasts and strategic market planning for  large firms. CVA Analytics believes in providing custom solutions to various problems faced by clients and not a generic off the shelf product, analysis or report.


Mr. Chandru Swaminathan is President of CVA Analytics who is a seasoned economist with expertise in market analytics, econometric forecasting, data warehousing, large dataset analysis, data processing, and developing web based BI Applications. Mr. Swaminathan has worked on a number of macroeconomic projects around the world and has built a Global Economic & Labor Database which contains up-to-date statistics and projections of worker demand in each country, globally.  The database contains information on both the supply and demand of skilled workers in over 100 countries and over 1,500 metro areas worldwide segmented by industry, occupation and business size. Mr. Swaminathan has also conducted numerous primary market research studies which include multi-country studies conducted in targeted segments of the global market. 


In the past, Chandru Swaminathan was partner and Vice President of RDA Global Inc for over a decade before starting his own firm VC Global Consulting Inc. CVA Analytics is subsidiary of VC Global Consulting Inc which is incorporated in state of Washington. With offices in Seattle and India, CVA Analytics provides world-class market research.  Many of the firm’s current and previous engagements over the last 15 years involve macroeconomics, analyzing unstructured data(big data), focus groups, surveys, expert panels, statistical analysis and regression analysis. Typically, CVA associates have multiple post-graduate degrees and work on wide range of projects.


Some of recent clients include ECO Canada, FICO, ADP, Avaya, Fieldguide Consulting, Kenora Economic Development, Great Houston Partnership, ECOCem, Baltimore Metropolitan council, DCI, Bigsky Economic Development, Destinationn Winnipeg, Calgary Economic Development, Blackberry, Canada Supply Chain Sector Council, Alberta Employment and Immigration and EPSA.


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